FortKnoxster – Military grade end-to-end encrypted communication platform

Having worked with the “A-team” (some cool crypto guys living here in Spain) before, the answer to the question: “Would you come work full time with us, building the coolest encryption platform ever” – was easy. Of cause I would.

As a result of running an ICO, the guys had decided to use their skills and knowledge to build the most complete and secure communication platform the world have ever seen. Military Grade – no less will suffice.

Key features:

  • Full End-to-end encryption, including signalling and metadata
  • Zero-knowledge – We really (really) are not able to decrypt the data as “man in the middle”.
  • Blockchain to hold identity to ensure the proof without worrying about tampering.
  • IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to ensure decentralisation of data
  • Internal encrypted mail
  • Chat – with encrypted XMPP of cause
  • Voice and video calling – encrypted, even on metadata level.
  • Group video call – full-mesh encrypted
  • Token based economy – Knoxstertoken (FKX) based on ERC-20 smartcontract on Ethereum

See the webpage to get the full description and the roadmap.

Using Amazon AWS, I build a fully automated site roll-out using Ansible. Management of load balancers using consul and allowing developers to build and maintain their own platforms for release candidates using RunDeck.

Quite a work but very educational.